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how can we be of service?

At MBC we offer all sorts of high-end services for you and your bike, whether it's customising, servicing, supplying and fitting parts, or even helping you to make that all-important decision of which bike would suit you best. Whatever you might need we're here to help and guide you through the process.
Just drop us a line or send us a message

The Duke

The Duke was one of MBC's first winter projects, we did this before the ever so popular limitless style and not only did it look awesome BUT we also fitted the S&S 1250 hooligan kit with all the extra trimmings. This is a beautiful bike with no expense spared.

The Last Chance Saloon

Another one of our early builds with the complete package!! 1250 Hooligan, air suspension, Screamin Eagle heads, SE throttle body and injectors along with the amazing airbrushing by Andy Marshall, this bike is full of detail!

Whats Gold, Green and Glorious.

We do a lot of refurb work and Lee's Superglide Custom was no exception. The Olive Gold colour compliments the gloss black powdercoat to give this bike its retro style - check out our blog section for build video.

The Muscle Bike

Its not often the build requirements you get are - "do whatever you like"! I had always wanted to have a go at doing something with a Fatbob so when i was let loose on this i didn't hold back! Inspired by muscle cars we went to work - check out the build video in our blog section!