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Recommended Product - Hayden Primary Chain Tensioner

So from time to time whilst repairing, servicing or customising your H-D model i come across some amazing parts that can enhance your riding experience that quite often get over looked due to lack of familiarity with all the many after market brands available. So when i do come across these gems ive decided to shout about them a little through this blog! One of my customers has a 2010 Ultra Classic and complained of clunking, grinding and general noise when starting and changing gear. We tried and checked a few things that didn't really come through with any solutions, eventually through reading forums we decided that an overly worn compensator and primary chain tensioner were to blame and set about replacing them. We replaced with a stock compensator setup and the said gem i'm talking about, the Hayden M6 Primary Chain Tensioner. The M6 automatically adjusts the primary chain on Big Twin models1965 to present. Now you can have the proper chain tension during acceleration and deceleration with the benefit of smoother shifting and less vibration. Riding with an M6 installed your transmission will 'click' into gear instead of 'clunk'. Along with the correct clutch setup you will swear you have just rebuilt the whole clutch and transmission. Reliable and practically maintenance free the M6 delivers a noticeably smoother ride. Its easy to fit and well worth the effort.Hayden M6 Tensioner - £134.99Primary Gasket - £43.02Formula Plus - £10.58Fitment - £50 Prices are based on 2007 - 2017 Big Twin models. After fitting and road testing this product i would thoroughly recommend due to a very noticeable difference!

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